Curriculum piloting underway

Yesterday, on 5 February 2019, our Lithuanian partner Anykšćių švietimo pagalbos tarnyba was the first SET C. project partner to start piloting the SET C. Competence Development and Training Curriculum for Adult Educators (download here).

The curriculum was developed on the basis of questionnaires on adult educators’ competences and the needs and expectations of adult learners. A sample of 100 teachers and 100 learners from each partner country (Croatia, Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, and Latvia) participated in the questionnaire (see all language versions here).

In the coming months, a 60-hour training course based on the Curriculum will be piloted in partner countries. The course will cover the following competence development areas:

  • interpersonal communication
  • teaching and learning methodology in adult education
  • new teaching approaches in education – critical thinking
  • ICT in teaching
  • foreign language communication