The Adult Education Institution Dante

is a competitive, modern and efficient institution that has been carrying out adult education programmes in Rijeka, Croatia, for 29 years. Dante attracts numerous generations of adult learners by offering quality educational programmes and courses (foreign language learning, basic skills training, teacher training, transferable skills training, entrepreneurship, and management training) that respond to the needs of modern society and contribute to the development of adult education at the local, regional, and European level.

The Institution closely cooperates with state institutions – the Ministry of Science and Education, the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, and the Croatian Agency for Mobility and European Projects. In addition to national cooperation, Dante has considerable experience in international cooperation and partnerships, having participated in the Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects, and the European Social Fund.

Dante is also a member of the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) and has hosted and organized numerous international meetings, training events, and conferences related to adult education.

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Valsts administrācijas skola

The Latvian School of Public Administration (LSPA) was established in 1993 as a public administration institution under direct supervision of the State Chancellery.

The LSPA is the largest training center for civil servants and public administration employees in Latvia and it provides high-quality training and consultation services to meet current and future needs of public administration and municipalities.

The LSPA develops open and tailor-made training for both the public and private sector, and oversees the certification of internal audit specialists in public service.

Since 2012, the LSPA has been applying a business approach to training public administration employees, at the same time maintaining close links with national priorities for human resource development in public administration.

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Anykšćių švietimo pagalbos tarnyba

Anyksciai Education Assistance Authority was founded in 2004. It is a newly established institution in the region providing informal adult education.

Anyksciai is a rural district in the Eastern part of Lithuania with a relatively slow economic and social development. A new concern about the occupation situation has come up within the last few years since the economic situation changed after the declaration of independence and accretion to the EU.

The main objectives of the Anyksciai Education Assistance Authority are: to organize qualification training for members of educational institutions and other communities, to initiate active participation in the educational reform and to help teachers who work with special needs students: to provide information, consultation and recommendations.

Fundacja Bądź Aktywny

was created in 2014 and it cooperates with the Educational Centre for Teachers in Piotrków Trybunalski and vocational schools in the region. The entire staff are volunteers and the organization is non-profit.

Foundation Be Active has contacts with the work world and other NGO-s. The Foundation organizes the activities for different groups (children, students of vocational schools, adults). Most stakeholders are teachers, trainers.

The objectives are: to promote the concept of lifelong learning, organizing social assistance, ensuring equal opportunities for these individuals and their families, supporting the development of local communities, protection of cultural heritage and traditions, European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between people, supporting various forms of social activity.

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Campus Västra Skaraborg

is a publicly funded school in the formal school system.

Its head office and head school for adult learners are situated in the Municipality of Lidköping. The municipalities of Götene, Lidköping, Grästorp and Vara cooperate regarding adult education in order to offer a vast choice of courses and programmes.

The school wants to inspire people to study as adults, regardless of their motives. Whether they are studying to get qualified for a new occupation, increase their competence within the current occupation or for pure pleasure, we are here for everyone.

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