Project SET C. – Teacher training event for adult educators in Anykščiai, Lithuania

As part of the SET C. (Strength Empowers Teachers’ Competences in Adult Education) project, a teacher training event is being held this week from 11 to 15 June 2018 in the town of Anykščiai in Lithuania. The training is hosted and organized by our Lithuanian partner, Anykšćių švietimo pagalbos tarnyba.

Teachers from Croatia, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania participating in the training will have the opportunity to exchange opinions and present examples of good practice in adult education.

The mobility is organized as a dynamic sequence of educational activities and cultural content that enable an open exchange of views among participants.

The lectures and workshops will cover a variety of relevant topics for adult educators, including:

  • the requirements for adult educators – who is a good educator
  • the role of an adult educator
  • the role of adult education for low-skilled adult learners
  • the profile of adult educators – personal qualities, empathy, leadership, charisma
  • social competence of educators
  • neuroscience in adult education

In addition to professional development activities, the teachers will also have shorter informal gatherings to get to know the culture and lifestyle in Lithuania.